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Fulton Chain Supply Co.

I'm Maggie the owner and at freshly 22 years of age I took the leap of faith and opened a small boutique in Inlet, NY. Lots of learning and growth has taken place over the continuation of the store. Originally I am from just outside of the Rochester area, but have always had the pleasure of heading up north to a family camp. Which is how I met my fiancé, Adam, an original Inlet local ! Fast forward 6 years and we live about two miles out of town with our sweet but small chocolate lab Riley. You will see her most days at the store with me if not... she may be taking a swim break in the lake or helping her Dad at Levi Lumber Co. down the road. While I am at the store about 90% of the time my AMAZING mom fills in everything in between and then some. The store would truly not be possible without the help of family and friends (lots goes on behind the scenes as you can imagine) ! In closing we hope to see you in the store soon and don't forget to shop small. ♡